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The newest Murder Mystery Dinner Theater experience in the northern Ohio area! All tickets include entrance to the show AND a Four Course meal served by the actors who will be  interacting with you in character!

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"Bullets for Broadway"..a story that answers the question, what would happen if the Sopranos met The Producers. Toffee Alto wants to be a Broadway star and her gangster husband, Tony, needs to "clean" some money. So he has hired two producers to mount a hit musical - "The Mafia Queen" - starring Toffee. The only catch - the show must be sold out opening night and get great reviews, no matter what it costs - or else! Leave it to Baxter Mallenstock and his playwright partner Eli Blain to come up with a show in just one month! You're invited to the party after opening night to revile as the reviews come in, along with Mimi Sheraton (the gossip columnist) the FBI and a few stray bullets. It's a brand new evening of Mystery, Comedy, Music and great Food which just goes to prove that sometimes when people say they're going to make a hit, they mean it!

Book and Lyrics by
David Landau

Music by
Killer Tracks
Coupon code for 10% off your purchase of 8 or more tickets: PARTYOF8 

All sales are final. There are no refunds.
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